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whitening pen

whitening pen


Hello Modern day Cinderella!

Rushing to a meeting? An interview? A party? A date with your prince charming? You can forget your slipper but you can’t forget me, your magic pen. Honestly, just give me three minutes and I’ll work my magic. Open your mouth using the mouth opener and spread the whitening solution using the magic pen. Although I am like your modern day fairy godmother, I am no magician. So for best results don’t eat or drink for 30min afterwards.



For who

Designed for anyone who wants to whiten their teeth, hassle free.


Removes organic tooth discolouration using oxidative whitening. Helps return teeth their natural whiteness.


Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid, which ensures oxidative whitening of teeth’s discolouration.

How is it special

Short term use of 2-4 days. Whitening effect of up to 3 shades brighter.


Use the pen 2-3 times a day for three minutes to ensure fast and effective whitening within 2-4 days.


This product is not designed for persons younger than 14 years old, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding; persons with any sort of gum problems (bleeding, inflammation, gingivitis), or with allergies to any of the included ingredients.


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