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What is RDA (Relative Dentine Abrasiveness)?

RDA is an Index describing the abrasiveness of toothpastes. Abrasiveness means the degree of scrubbing of the tooth enamel, which occurs during mechanical cleaning. The higher the index number the more abrasive is the toothpaste on the tooth enamel. Higher abrasiveness increases the risk of scratching the tooth enamel, ultimately causing tooth sensitivity.

The strength of our toothpastes lies in active ingredients and natural components, especially natural enzyme ‘Glucose Oxidase’, which instead of mechanical cleaning dissolves discolourations, without damaging the tooth enamel.

For a better idea we have created the following RDA index:

0-40 Very low abrasiveness, suitable for sensitive teeth
40-70 Low abrasiveness, suitable for everyday use
70-100 Medium abrasiveness, suitable for everyday use
100 – and higher High abrasiveness, suitable for smokers toothpastes

Toothpastes Biela Perla have RDA as follows:

Intensive whitening (RDA 13) Very low abrasiveness, suitable for sensitive teeth
Paradentoza (gingivitis) (RDA 10) Very low abrasiveness, suitable for sensitive teeth
Fresh (RDA 10) Very low abrasiveness, suitable for sensitive teeth
For Smokers (RDA 139) High abrasiveness, suitable for smokers

What’s the role of enzymes in teeth whitening?

Traditionally teeth were cleaned mechanically. Meaning, toothpastes had a higher index of abrasiveness (RDA), so they could remove discolourations by scrubbing them off from tooth’s enamel, ultimately causing tooth sensitivity.

We love to see a healthy and a glowing smile on our customer’s face. As a result, we weren’t satisfied with the reality that our customers would have a white, but sensitive smile. That is why we decided to do things differently.

Our toothpastes don’t clean teeth mechanically, but enzymatically!

They include Glucose Oxidase, which is an enzyme naturally found in saliva. Meaning, by adding this enzyme into our toothpaste we catalyze the oxidative process, which dissolves discolourations and impurities from tooth enamel. The impurities then naturally wash out during teeth brushing.

What’s the role of cloves in our toothpastes?

All Biela Perla toothpastes contain cloves, a natural ingredient, which is known for its antibacterial effects. Cloves help decrease the risk of dental cavities and lengthen the duration of fresh breath.

Can I whiten my teeth with the whitening kit if I have sensitive teeth?

Our products are clinically tested and don’t cause teeth sensitivity. Teeth whitening with the whitening Kit Biela perla is oxidative and enzymatic. It is designed for those who want to brighten up their smile, without any negative side effects.

Who is it not meant for? Persons younger than 14 years of age, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding; persons with any sort of gums related issues ( bleeding, inflammation, gingivitis) or those who suffer from allergies to any of the included ingredients. If during use you experience tooth, gum or tongue sensitivity immediately rinse your mouth with fresh water. If the problem doesn’t go away, take a break from using the kit and consult your GP.

For best results always follow the included whitening guide.

Is teeth whitening using the Biela Perla whitening kit effective? How long does the whitening effect last?

Clinical tests have shown the whitening effect of the tooth enamel can be up to 7 shades. First results should be noticeable after 5 days of proper use. The result of the whitening therapy are brighter, smoother and whiter teeth.

To maximize the effect of the kit it is important to read and follow the included whitening guide. Aside from this, the length of the whitening effect depends solely on your lifestyle. To maximize the editing effect try to limit your consumption of teas, coffees, red wine and smoking.

The whitening effect can last up to a few months. To maximize the length of the effect we recommend daily use of Biela Perla intensive whitening toothpaste.

What’s the role of fluoride in toothpastes?

Helps prevent the formation of dental cavities and remineralizes tooth enamel.

Philosophy to our Natural toothpastes

The unique composition of toothpastes Biela Perla Mint and Raspberry contains calcium glycerophosphate instead of fluoride. Calcium and phosphate are the two main elements our teeth are made of. This ingredient helps prevent the formation of dental cavities, which is why it’s the perfect natural substitute for fluoride. Biologically active calcium supports the remineralization of tooth enamel. NATURAL toothpastes don’t contains SLS ( Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) or any artificial flavouring. The flavours in the Natural toothpastes are personally crafted by us, using natural oils and silicas.